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SASSY CAKE lady - Tamara

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Sassy Lady Tamara started baking at a young age, working along side her mother, in Endy, North Carolina. While sweet treats were in the oven, she would hear the dream of her mother wanting to open a bakery. While Tamara's mother never realized that dream, it inspired Tamara to join Christine in opening the bakery.

Her mother was not the only inspirational force for her to have a life in the kitchen, both her grandfathers and her high school foods teacher also moved Tamara to keep baking.  Tamara is a West Stanly Graduate, and also holds Culinary Degree and a Baking & Pastry Degree from Johnson & Wells University.

Since Sassy Lady Tamara has spent her entire life in the area she wants Sassy Cakes Bakery to an outlet to support the community and local charities. Tamara feels that God has blessed her with the gift of baking, and wants bless others with her sweet creations. 

While a child in New York State, Sassy Cake Lady Christine started baking like a lot of little girls with an Easy Bake Oven. These early baking successes lead her to wanting to open her own bakery, but she never made the leap to becoming an entrepreneur.
Even though she did not bake for her own company, Christine continued to bake and decorate cakes, building 25 years of experience.

In 2014, Christine and her husband moved from New York to North Carolina to take on a new life, new friends, and the dream of owning a bakery was reawakened when she met this Albemarle NC born and bred Sassy lady named Tamara.

Just a year after moving, Christine, with her business partner Tamara opened Sassy Cakes Bakery in the Locust Town Center. She could now pour all of her efforts into decorating cakes, and making client’s celebrations and occasions extra special. Christine loves to see the looks on customers’ faces when she opens the cake box to reveal their sweet treat.

In addition to providing desserts, Sassy Cake Lady Christine looks forward to becoming part of the community, and serving the Locust area, all the while making new friends.